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Dual Language Immersion Opportunity and Information
In 2019, Stanly County Schools, in partnership with Participate Learning, Inc., started a Dual Language Immersion program at Endy Elementary.  From the first day of school, students have been immersed in their second language, Spanish.  The program prepares this group of students to be proficient readers and writers in both English and Spanish.  The program is a magnet program, allowing anyone in the Stanly County attendance area to attend.  The instruction for the program strictly adheres to the North Carolina State Standards as the guiding curriculum for planning, instruction, assessment and data collection.  The program complies with educational mandates formulated by state and federal regulations.  Students in this program have the opportunity to become proficient and literate in a second language (Spanish). Upon graduation from elementary school, students in the program will achieve biliteracy.  The program has been very successful in the last two years and will expand next year. Endy Elementary is currently enrolling students for the Dual Language Immersion Program for rising Kindergarteners for the 2021 - 2022 school year.  Rising first-graders who possess advanced second language skills may also be considered for the program.  Principal Jodi Autry currently serves as a board member of the North Carolina Dual Language Immersion Advisory Board and has over 7 years of experience working with Participate Learning in DLI classrooms.  Interested parents can contact the school to get more information about the program.
Interested in Dual Immersion! Check out this video from a student herself!
Check this video out from the teachers themselves! What an amazing opportunity!
Visit this link to find information on curriculum for your child.