Emily Furr » Fourth {4th} Grade Reading and Social Studies!

Fourth {4th} Grade Reading and Social Studies!

ELA {English Language Arts}
I love to read! In our digital world, I strive to show our students that they can enjoy reading, whether they have a book or tablet in their hand!
This Quarter we will focus on details, details, and more details when reading Fiction (fake/ make-believe) to help students better describe characters, settings, and events - and also to infer what else the author might want us to understand and think while we are reading.
We will also focus on using context clues, or what the text says, to define unknown words... do not underestimate the power of a large vocabulary!
Every quarter students will also learn and apply a variety of comprehension strategies to help them better understand a new informational text. The more tools your student has to help them understand what they are reading, the more successful of a reader they will be!
*While I do not regularily assign homework unless extra assistance is needed, I do expect students to read each evening (ANY type of text that they enjoy and challenges them!) and complete any unfinished classwork.
Social Studies
4th Grade Social Studies is exactly that - SOCIAL! Students will work together on a regular basis to not just explore our state's history, but also experience ideas and participate in activities that bring our state to life!
In Quarter 1, students will have a large North Carolina Geography Map Project worth half of their Quarter 1 grade! A rubric will be linked here soon, posted to class Dojo and sent home!
Hi! Welcome to 4th Grade!
I'm Emily Furr, the 4th Grade ELA and Social Studies Teacher at Endy and this is already a GREAT year!
If you need to contact me, please email me:
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